A Creative New Year Ahead


As with all weeks after Christmas, I am itching to play with all the new creative tools (OK, OK, “toys”) I received under the tree. Not the least of which was an IPad that I didn’t even ask for (but SOMEone was paying attention when I would drool over them at Best Buy while playing with the art apps on them). One of the first things I downloaded from the App Store was a nifty program called “ArtStudio”. Not bad for $4.99, and the greeting above is this morning’s effort, created while a cat nestles on my foot. With a cat asleep on my foot that means I can’t move anyway, so I might as well create. Thanks, Tom, I needed that impetus to play!

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t posted here in a while. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative or felt the itch to be, at least. It means I haven’t taken the TIME to write here or even implement my creative ideas as much as I wish (oh, K-cup wreath, you’ll have to wait for next Christmas). Why do we feel guilty to take time away from bills and chores to do something that feeds the very core of us? Sometimes we fill our time with visiting and performing and other wonderful things, but those louder voices push away the time for quieter, more internal endeavors. Even those of us who create for a living need to make ourselves the client now and then–it’s a different kind of mindset. I get so much peace out of time spent creating, yet somehow I forget that quiet joy when other things come knocking at the door.

Taking TIME to do what fills your soul and makes you who you are should not be considered a selfish act. It is a fearless act, however, as we often don’t know what form an act of creativity will take or what it will dredge up from our well of hidden hopes and dreams. We are afraid we will get lost in it and we will waste TIME when we could be doing things we think we SHOULD be doing. We know what to expect from chores and activity–we know what will happen if the bills aren’t paid and we know that seeing friends and singing in the choir give us intrinsic immediate joy. They are reliable and predictable results. We don’t always know what to expect from creativity and it can be a bit daunting to plunge into the unknown. We also get twice as much for our efforts–a finished product we can see, read, hear, or taste and also a raft of thoughts that rush to gallop alongside as we create. Always, always, I am enriched by an act of creativity. It opens a door through which insight may enter.

I’d like to be brave this year. I’d like to reach up and take TIME in both fists to see who I am inside. My wish for you this year is for you also to take TIME (don’t worry, I left you some) to do those things that really make you tick and connect you with the sleeping thoughts within. I know a lot of people are dealing with a tough year ahead, and taking time for themselves seems trivial. Au contraire! Taking time to observe and record and emote is so important. It’s scary, too, to slow down long enough to see what we are inside, to hear the inner voices of hope and fear without drowning them out. This “time for yourself” is healing and growth. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It’s the process that’s important. I wish them and you some quiet amid the storm.

I’d like to add that meeting kindred souls is a wonderful thing. Sharing your creations and creative experiences and thoughts with others of similar interest can expand and inspire your creative world. My plunge into blogging has been validated by meeting the other wonderfully thoughtful and creative bloggers I have found here–people who love what they do and willingly share that product of inner connection.

Happy Creative New Year, everyone!



About jrwilsondesign

I am a graphic designer and art director with a love of art, nature, words and music and the ways in which they can be combined.
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8 Responses to A Creative New Year Ahead

  1. Wonderful post! It is indeed an act of courage to look inside.”Creativity” isn’t all pink clouds and butterflies. Let’s support one another as artists in the coming year!

  2. Jane, that just made me cry, as I admitted the want and need to do exactly as you said, and do something immediately. Meanwhile, here I sit for a minute waiting for the shower to heat so I can dash off for an unscheduled shift at the veterinary clinic, likely six to midnight. At least I got to stagger around in my jammies until now, sick with a chest cold and voice that now qualifies me for the baritone section. And I’m exhausted from providing the host site, our fine Church, for a 17 hour alkathon that had this old girl pull her first all-nighter since college. Sitting in the church last evening after the clean up and 32 hours without sleep, I wondered why I was dawdling with 12 leftover mylar balloons, carefully trying to give their tired ribbons new life while I thoughtfully placed them in bunches where others might enjoy them for the first time, in a new year. My answer is two-fold: to briefly satisfy that too-often unmet need to be beautifully creative for myself and others; and because I am the pidepiper of stuff, things and people. Everything has another life; we need to find time to discover what that can look like. I have a picture of the Hummel nativity that my family donated to the Church following my Mother’s death in 2008. Bill and Eric Harrison shared their engineering and carpentry gifts the following year, creating the stable from scraps of wood salvaged from the building of their new home. This picture will show up on Facebook shortly with the caption, “It’s not over”. Maybe I should add ” ‘Creation’ will be at peace”. Likewise, I had to capture the beauty of the Christmas tree in our Sunday school room last night before it retires until next season. The attached photo will go out to my many AA friends va text or email with this reminder: What’s under your tree? Let’s get another day!” So glad you gave me these few minutes to read, reflect and recharge. Blessings to you and Joseph for 2013. Allison

    • HI, Allison, Thank you for your touching and thoughtful response to my words. I’m so grateful that they touched something positive in you. You have so many good things to say here. Everything does indeed “have another life” as you put it, and in my mind, so do we. We are constantly changing and growing and learning, and every day is a new day to see what we can do with what we have at hand. Every day is a new act of creation in itself. Peace to you, my dear.

  3. Jane, I have just nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. Check out my recent post to see what it entails and to share the fun! http://ftheeiwasateenagequaker.wordpress.com/

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