Play with your food

Creativity doesn’t need fancy new tools, although my stash of art supplies and computer software would make it seem I think otherwise. Certainly walking through the doors of the art supply store known as Pearl is to enter the cathedral of my craft, processing past row upon row of inspiration, breathing in the heady incense of paint, pencil, paper and possibility. OK, alliteration alert! Sorry, I’m intoxicated with the fumes of my brain firing all creative cylinders.

I have a few creative projects in the works. Yes, people actually pay me to procrastinate, er, I mean to do creative projects for them. Sometimes I do this for FREE, but don’t let that get around. On tap right now: a book cover, trade show booth design, a branding project (don’t worry, no cows hurt in the process), and a save-the-date postcard. If I forgot your project, don’t worry, I’m getting to it. Never mind my own creative projects. Where to start first? Drawing, photography, watercolor, scrapbooking, card making, writing? Oh, right, I’ve got other stuff to work on first. Yes, we of the creative stripe just don’t know when to say no, so we’re always overdone. But driven to create. Creativity begats creativity.

Finding it hard to get at those big projects? Maybe it’s time to let your mind play with a project that has less at stake. Prime the pump if you will and creativity may start to flow. My father always said you should start the day with a good breakfast that includes a good dose of protein. He was a doctor and a shrewd fellow. My husband and I went out for breakfast yesterday and before he could get at his bacon and eggs, I couldn’t resist the urge to play with his food. I couldn’t help myself, the plate of sunny-side-up was staring at me with two jaundiced eyes begging me to reposition the bacon into a unibrow and a handlebar mustache, the results of which I had to record for posterity (see photo). And perhaps once I had this chance to play, I was an ooch more productive that day.

Get it out of your system. Have some creative fun and you may feel less pinned down by your professional commitments. Don’t worry, be happy. Play with your food. Doctor’s orders.



About jrwilsondesign

I am a graphic designer and art director with a love of art, nature, words and music and the ways in which they can be combined.
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6 Responses to Play with your food

  1. I want to eat breakfast at your house. Lovely, inspiring post.

  2. Thank you, Kay! Any time, come hungry.

  3. Kim says:

    Just how much, in a mathmatic way is an “ooch”?

  4. Karen says:

    Much as value playful inventive spirit, and much as enjoyed said post, still not convinced doctor-dad would’ve included bacon in his high-protein breakfast recommendations for complex amino acids. Thanx for a most enjoyable interlude with said unibrow and ‘stache.

    • Thanks, Karen! Knowing my Dad, he probably would have added some sausage and toast to the plate! Most docs can tell you what to do while not always following their own instructions…

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