Hello world!

So, it all started because I wanted to reply to my sister-in-law’s post, and after much aggravation found myself getting a sign-in name to WordPress. Then I wanted to post to a garden blog, and found I couldn’t use that sign-in to leave a post. Then I am asked if I would like to create a blog, so I say “why not” and here I am. And shouldn’t a blog be a subject near to your heart? Which design or “love of the visual” is, whether I can control it or not. And now I am late for an appointment, which might give you a clue that my left-brained tendencies are possibly combined with undiagnosed ADD. Guess that just makes me the spontaneous, distractable, cluttered, chasing-after-butterflies being that I am. Welcome to my world, and who knows what will come of this.


About jrwilsondesign

I am a graphic designer and art director with a love of art, nature, words and music and the ways in which they can be combined.
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